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Mahdi Ahmadi
Mahdi is an Environmental and Energy Analyst at NESCAUM. He specializes in air quality modeling and statistical analysis. He conducts a wide variety of analytical and numerical efforts on energy and transportation systems to provide a solid scientific foundation for policy advice.
George Allen
George is a Senior Scientist at NESCAUM involved with several aspects of the regional haze effort, coordination of the Monitoring and Assessment Committee, and support of the mobile source, public health, and air toxics programs.
Debjani Brahmachari
Debjani Brahmachari is the Director of Finances, working closely with the Comptroller to produce monthly financial reports and year-end audit preparations.
Kathy Kinsey
Kathy is Senior Policy Advisor working on zero emission vehicle issues as well as serving as NESCAUM’s liaison on many federal and regional initiatives.
Patrick Kwon
Patrick is the Information Technology Manager at NESCAUM.
Reneé Landgrebe
Reneé is the Office Manager and has been with NESCAUM for over 10 years. She oversees the administrative staff and assists the financial team as needed.
Luisa Lazzaro
Luisa is NESCAUM’s Accounting Specialist. She comes to NESCAUM with 20 years of experience in finances with various companies in the Boston area.
Arthur Marin
Arthur is the Executive Director of NESCAUM. Prior to that, he served as Deputy Director from 1995 through 2004. In his current role, Mr. Marin: oversees day-to-day operations; coordinates with Board of Directors in planning the organization's activities; represents the member states in regional, national and international forums; and maintains liaisons with federal agencies, other regional organizations, industry and the environmental community.
Sarah McKearnan
Sarah McKearnan is a Senior Policy Advisor working on NESCAUM’s zero emission vehicle initiatives and initiatives to help states prepare for climate change with new resources and tools. She brings over twenty-five years of experience to NESCAUM as an environmental and climate policy professional in state and municipal government, having most recently served as the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources’ climate change advisor and coordinator of the state’s Climate Cabinet.
Paul Miller
Paul is the Deputy Director and Chief Scientist of NESCAUM. He brings to NESCAUM a background in science and law that provides the organization with legal, technical, and policy support for all NESCAUM initiatives. He actively leads or participates in NESCAUM projects involving criteria air pollutants, mercury, wood smoke, and climate change.
Kara Murphy
Kara is an Environmental Analyst at NESCAUM. She is a media communication and environmental non-profit professional who has demonstrated commitment to strategic planning and volunteer coordination. She specializes in policy analysis and community outreach efforts
Elaine O'Grady
Elaine is a Senior Policy Advisor working on transportation, climate change, biomass, and emerging issues at NESCAUM, and provides NESCAUM with key state-level experience as the former state air director in Vermont.
Lisa Rector
Lisa is a Senior Policy Analyst at NESCAUM who works on both the technical and policy side of NESCAUM. Focus areas include Title V, NSR, Vapor Recovery, BART, residential wood burning, biomass emissions, and staff lead for the Compliance and Enforcement Committee, OWB workgroup, and Vapor Recovery workgroup.
Charla Rudisill
Charla is Chief of Staff and coordinates the Clean Air Academy training program for state staff.
Jason Rudokas
Jason is a Climate Policy Analyst with the Climate and Energy Team. He leads NESCAUM's energy and economic modeling efforts, and contributes to a wide variety of climate and energy policy and technical analyses.
Matt Solomon
Matt is Transportation Program Manager at NESCAUM. He serves as staff lead for the Mobile Source Committee and works on a variety of vehicle- and fuel-related issues including LEV, motor vehicle greenhouse gases, and the regional clean fuels initiative.
Richard Valentinetti
Dick is a Senior Policy Advisor supporting NESCAUM's work with the multi-state Zero-Emission Vehicle Task Force.
Jesse Way
Jesse is a Climate Policy Analyst, working on a range of climate, energy, air quality and biomass projects including analyzing strategies to meet greenhouse gas reductions in New England as part of the NEG-ECP climate planning effort and researching the structure and design of the California Cap and Trade program and how it might apply in the northeast states.

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