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Patrick Kwon

The Clean Air Association of the Northeast States

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Board of Directors / Member State Agencies 2006-03-23
Staff 2018-03-05
Overview 2017-10-05
Steady-State Critical Loads and Exceedance for Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems in the Northeastern United States 2017-05-30
New York State Wood Heat Report 2016-04-15
Contact Directory 2018-01-26
Impact of Thermal Storage on Pellet Boiler Performance: Tom Butcher, Ph.D., Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) 2017-07-12
Wildfire & 4 km forecasting system to support AQ Campaigns: Emission, testing and evaluation - Pius Lee, NOAA 2017-07-10
Assessment of CMAQ 24-Hour PM2.5 Forecast for New York State – Samuel Lightstone, City College of New York 2017-06-26
Ground-based lidar-ceilometer profiling observations of wildfire smoke and impact on air quality in New York City – Yonghua Wu, City College of New York 2017-06-26
Training Reports 2018-03-15
NYC Metro Area Energy & Air Quality Data Gaps Workshop - Poster Abstracts and Presentations 2017-10-06
Understanding and Reducing Residential Wood Combustion Emissions 2017-02-06
Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Trends of Black Carbon in Boston 2014-07-14
Compliance with Flexibility: State Approaches to Reduce GHG Emissions from Existing Power Plants 2014-05-30
Mt. Washington 2014-04-27
Moosehorn NWR 2014-04-27
NESCAUM's Multi-Pollutant Policy Analysis Framework 2008-12-03
Rawlings, Gary, Barbara (MA DEP), and Cindy 2007-09-28
Coralie, Renee, Matt, and Dick (VT DEC) 2007-09-28
Cleaner, More Efficient Auto Technologies Advancing Faster than Anticipated 2016-07-19
Why EVs Flow to California 2016-07-18
Nearly All US Coal Plants Now Comply with EPA Mercury & Air Toxics Rule 2016-07-12
International Alliance Aims for All New Cars To Be Zero-Emission by 2050 2015-12-03
Including Energy in Air Quality Planning: States’ Perspectives - Webinar Hosted by Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) 2015-05-12
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Regional Haze 2006-10-06
Meetings and Workshops 2008-03-04
MAC Committee Meeting, May 2006 2008-03-05
Outdoor Hydronic Heaters 2007-01-29
Outdoor Hydronic Heaters 2007-01-26
Smart Folder
Aviation 2015-07-06
Ozone 2014-08-22
Particulate Matter 2014-08-22
Zero-Emission Vehicles 2014-05-30
Priority 2014-05-30
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