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Observed and Model-Derived Ozone Production Efficiency over Urban and Rural New York State – Matthew Ninnenman, University at Albany, SUNY [1%]
Impacts of Bay Breezes and Thunderstorms on Surface Air Quality in Maryland during DISCOVER-AQ 2011 – Gina Mazzuca, University of Maryland [1%]
IDEA-NYS air quality forecast and analysis system: Real-time aerosol detection, monitoring, and trajectories in NYS – Sara Lu, Atmospheric Sciences Research Center, State University of New York [1%]
Anthropogenic Sectoral Contributions to Poor Air Quality Days - Alexandra Karambelas, Columbia University [1%]
Estimating PM2.5 exposure across New York State from satellite observations - Xiaomeng Jin, Columbia University [1%]
Decadal trend of ozone-NOx-VOC sensitivity over New York City: the view from space - Xiaomeng Jin, Columbia University [1%]
UMBC Atmospheric Lidar Group – Ruben Delgado, University of Maryland, Baltimore County [1%]
Interannual variability in ozone dry deposition at Harvard Forest - Olivia Clifton, Columbia University [1%]
Integrated Assessment of the Effects of NH3, NO2, PM, SO2, and VOC Emissions on O3 and PM2.5 Concentrations and Trends in New York State - Charles L. Blanchard, Envair [1%]
Comparison of Trace Gas Profiles over the Chesapeake Bay and Nearby Land in Summer 2014 with Eastern China in Spring 2016 using Aircraft Observations - Sarah E. Benish, University of Maryland [1%]
Assessing Air Quality Impacts of Airport Emissions from Local to Regional Scales – Prof. Sarav Arunachalam, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill [1%]
Estimated Inventory of Smaller-Scale Fossil Fired Distributed Generation in New York – Tom Bourgeois, Pace Energy and Climate Center/US DOE Northeast CHP Technical Assistance Partnership [1%]
Spatial Variation of Fine Particulate Matter Elemental Concentrations in New York City – Dr. Kaz Ito, NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene [1%]
Model-Based Assessment of the Air Quality and Public Health Benefits of New York City’s 80 X 50 Plan – Jay Haney, ICF [1%]
Con Edison Effort on Reducing Local Emissions – Kai Wu, Consolidated Edison of New York [1%]
New York Community Air Survey: 2009-2015 – Iyad Kheirbek, NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene [1%]
New York State’s Volkswagen Settlement NOx Mitigation Trust – Robert Waterfall, NYS DEC [1%]
New York City’s Roadmap to 80 X 50 – Cathy Pasion, City of New York Mayor’s Office of Sustainability [1%]
NOx Emissions and Near-source Air Quality Impact of Distributed Electricity Generation – Prof. K. Max Zhang, Cornell University [1%]
Assessing Current Gaps in Transportation Emissions and Modeling their Effects on Air Quality – Dr. Brian McDonald, NOAA-Boulder [1%]
NOy Speciation at the Queens College Air Quality Measurement Site – Prof. James Schwab, University at Albany, SUNY [1%]
Regulatory Monitoring for Ozone and Ozone Precursors – Dirk Felton, NYS DEC [1%]
Dense Networks and Geostationary Satellites: A Vision for the Future of NOx and Air Quality Observing – Prof. Ron Cohen, University of California, Berkeley [1%]
Characterizing the Troposphere Up and Downwind of New York and New England during ICARTT 2004 – Dr. Michael Trainer, NOAA [1%]
Energy in Transition – Carl Mas, Director, Energy and Environmental Analysis Department, New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) [1%]
Reducing Air Pollution/Improving Air Quality(?) at the Local Level – Geraldine Kelpin, Director, Division of Air & Noise Policy & Enforcement, New York City Dept. of Environmental Protection [1%]
Steady-State Critical Loads and Exceedance for Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems in the Northeastern United States [1%]
Test method monitoring, the Kelvin system: Kelli O’Brien, Clearstak [1%]
Wood Smoke Monitoring Kits: James Schwab, Ph.D., State University of New York at Albany Atmospheric Sciences Research Center and Dirk Felton, P.E., New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) [1%]
Wood Smoke Program Reduction Strategies (WSPRS) Workgroup Recommendations: Lisa Rector, NESCAUM [1%]

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