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Our Projects in 2007

For a summary of NESCAUM's current efforts, see the 40th Anniversary Report.


During our 2007 Fiscal Year, NESCAUM worked on a vast array of projects in support of our member states. Many of the projects culminated in technical analysis, published reports, and workshops designed to provide technical support to our member states or disseminate state-of-the-art information to state staff working on air pollution control issues. Projects worked on during the period are listed below by program area.

Climate and Energy

Hewlett 3 and 4
Third phase of the Hewlett-funded effort involving supporting strategic GHG projects in the U.S. and Canada.
Low Carbon Fuels Standard
Design a low carbon fuels standard for the Northeast and assess its viability.
The Climate Registry
Supporting and staffing the activities of The Climate Registry (TCR).
Opportunities for Clean Distributed Generation
Assessment of the opportunities for clean distributed generation in Massachusetts.
State Support for RGGI
Attorney Catherine Lee is providing legal advice and support to ME DEP regarding the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.
State Voice in Federal Climate Legislation
Facilitating and directing the efforts of "early action" states to ensure that the interests of the states are effectively inserted into the national climate debate.

Mobile Sources

Support from Energy Foundation to fund work to reduce GHG and toxic emissions from motor vehicles.
MassDEP Construction Project
Development of a construction industry diesel retrofit guidance document.
MassDEP Diesel Plan
Assessment of diesel PM2.5 emissions reductions in Massachusetts and an assessment to determine whether existing regulations will achieve the reduction goal.
MassDEP School Bus I
Designing and implementing a diesel retrofit program for the installation of diesel emissions control devices on public school buses in Massachusetts.
MassDEP School Bus II
Providing technical consulting and support to MassDEP school bus retrofit program and provide a final report on successes and areas for improvement at the end of the project.
MassDEP NE Aquarium
Diesel retrofit of the marine research vessel, Galatea, used by New England Aquarium.
Provide services to assist the state of Maryland's effort to adopt and implement the CA LEV program.
Northeast Diesel Collaborative, Phase III
Coordinate activities in seven priority areas: CMAQ, data & inventories, mandatory measures, construction, regional demonstration project, ports & rail, outreach & communications.
Stage II / Vapor Recovery
Assist in formulating a policy to determine when Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) systems are in widespread use.

Science and Technology

Assessing Mercury in Petroleum Distillates
Assessing the mercury concentrations in fuels in the Northeast to determine mercury content and any association between mercury levels in fuels and sulfur content.
Compliance Strategies for Ozone and Fine Particles Attainment
Evaluate the cost effectiveness and technically feasible controls for emissions of NOx, SO2, and PM2.5 from industrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI) boilers.
Contribution of Wood Smoke to Particle Matter
In-use testing of PM emissions from OWBs in New England.
Determination of Sulfur and Toxic Metals Content of Distillate Oil
Quantify content of sulfur (S), mercury (Hg), and other air toxic metals (including vanadium (V) and nickel (Ni)) in distillate oil (#2 fuel oil).
Massachusetts Acid Rain
Long term monitoring of acidic deposition in Massachusetts.
Massachusetts Ambient Monitoring
Support for air monitoring collection and analysis at MassDEP Laboratory.
Evaluate Aethalometer black carbon "Filter Spot Matrix Effect" data quality issues between original and corrected Roxbury NATTS black carbon data.
MANE-VU RPO-Year 7 & 8
Coordinate efforts for MANE-VU RPO, including coordination of the CAMNET and RAIN monitoring networks, calculation of visibility trends and statistics for MANE-VU class I sites, modeling platform development and evaluation, control strategy identification, quantification and assessment of resultant visibility improvements, as well as coordination of regional BART determination resources.
Launched in 1999 as with sites now in Boston, MA; Acadia National Park, ME; the White Mountains in NH; Burlington, VT; Hartford, CT; Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge, ME; New York City (Newark, NJ); Presque Isle, ME; Mohawk Mountain, CT; Blue Hill, MA; Frostburg, MD; and Baltimore MD.
NASA - CO2 Inventory and Analysis
A comparison of airborne CO2 observations.
Northeast Center for Atmospheric Science and Policy (NCASP-2)
A collaborative initiative designed to address the lack of regionally appropriate analytical tools to establish policies that deal with the diverse air quality and climate issues facing the Northeast.
Ozone Health Benefits
Development of a health benefits analysis for ozone and particulate matter for the states in the Ozone Transport Region (OTR) and the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Visibility Union (MANE-VU).
Vermont Benzene Study
Develop benzene emissions data inventory, compare benzene model results with monitored data, compare benzene model results to NATA model-predicted results, and assist with MOBILE6 modeling for the Burlington, VT domain.


Assessment of Carbonaceous PM2.5 for New York and the Region
Comprehensive assessment of carbonaceous fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in New York and the region.
Clean Air Communities
Various community projects designed to reduce urban area emissions.
Camden CARE/Camden Waterfront South Community Collaborative to Reduce Particulate Matter
Installing retrofit equipment at the South Jersey Port Corporation.
QCAP (Queens Clean Air Partnership)
Various community projects designed to reduce urban area emissions.
Training/Northeast States Clean Air Academy
Evaluated training needs of state air quality staff and offers high priority trainings to state employees.
Universal Interface-Phase IV
Update the universal interface (UI) to allow the uploading of permit, CEM, and stack testing data by the states to EPA's enforcement data system.

Projects Completed Within the Past Twelve Months

Support from Energy Foundation to fund NESCAUM's work to reduce GHG and toxic emissions from motor vehicles.
Barrel Burning
Inventory dioxin emissions from barrel burning in NESCAUM states, assess adequacy of the inventory, and develop a public awareness effort to increase compliance with current local and state restrictions.
GHG Registry Development
Develop the Eastern Climate Registry, a multi-state registry effort undertaken by 10 states in the eastern U.S.
MA Mercury Products Implementation
Assist in implementing recently passed mercury products legislation.
Modeling Study of Effect of Global Climate Change on Regional Air Quality (PM and Ozone)
Using CMAQ/MM5/SMOKE regional air quality modeling system and MIT's IGSM model, NESCAUM assessed the direct and indirect impacts of global climate change (GCC) on regional air quality in the U.S.
New York City Transportation Control Measures (TCM)
Mediation assistance in a multi-party determination of acceptable control measures to make up for ozone precursor reduction shortfalls associated with transportation conformity in the NYC severe ozone non-attainment area.
Northeast Diesel Collaborative, Phase I
A partnership of private, non-profit, and government groups to work on reducing diesel emissions and the serious health threats posed by these emissions.
NESCAUM and ACEEE identified transportation sources of GHGs, devised control measures, and then analyzed them using the MARKAL modeling tool. This grant represented a portion of the support needed for a significantly larger, more costly effort.
Outdoor Wood-fired Boilers
NESCAUM reviewed and provided comments on the current draft American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) test method and develop a model regulation for states wishing to address outdoor wood-fired hydronic heater (i.e., outdoor wood boiler) emissions.
South Bronx/NYC Department of Sanitation Diesel Retrofit Project
Managed this project that demonstrated the effectiveness and viability of retrofitting 68 refuse trucks in the NYC Department of Sanitation fleet in the South Bronx.
States Registry Support
Seed money to begin the development of The Climate Registry.

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