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Policy Instruments for a New Economic Era: Energy, Environmental, and Climate Change Challenges

MIT-NESCAUM Endicott House Symposium
August 23-25, 2010



Monday, August 23
4:30 pmRegistration
5:30 pmReception and Dinner
Tuesday, August 24
7:00 amBreakfast
8:00 amWelcome
Dick Gibbs, MIT

Symposium Overview
Praveen Amar, NESCAUM
8:20 amKeynote Session
Praveen Amar, Moderator
8:25 am

John Deutch, Institute Professor, MIT
“Directions in Energy Policy for the United States.”

9:10 amMary Nichols, Chair, California Air Resources Board
“AB32, The California Global Warming Solutions Act: A New Set of Policy Tools for Addressing Difficult Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Problems.”
9:55 amBreak
10:25 amU.S. and European Policy Instruments
Susan Wierman, Moderator
10:30 amJason Grumet, President, Bipartisan Policy Center
“The Politics of Energy, Environmental, and Climate Change Legislation, National and Regional Perspectives.”
11:00 amA. Denny Ellerman, Professor, European University Institute, Florence, Senior Lecturer, Sloan School of Management, MIT (retired)
“The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) as a Policy Instrument for CO2 Emissions Mitigation.”
11:30 amEconomic and Policy Instruments/Cost-Benefit Analysis
Praveen Amar, Moderator
11:35 amLisa Heinzerling, Associate Administrator, U.S. EPA, Office of Policy, Economics, and Innovation
“Doing Justice to Environmental Protection.”
12:05 pmDallas Burtraw, Senior Economist, Resources for the Future
“Economic Analysis of Clean Air Act as a Policy Instrument to Address Greenhouse Gas Emissions.”
12:35 pmLunch
2:00 pmTechnology Development and Opportunities
Dick Gibbs, Moderator
2:05 pmAndy Chu, Vice-President, Marketing and Communications, A123 Systems
“Large-Scale Lithium Ion Battery Technology for Grid Applications.”
2:35 pmDan Reicher, Director, Climate Change and Energy Initiatives, Google
“The Green Energy Sector: Finance Meets Technology and Policy”
3:05 pmBreak
3:25 pmTransportation Policy and Technologies
Steve Przesmitzki, Moderator
3:30 pmKarl Simon, Director, Compliance and Innovative Strategies Division, OTAQ, U.S. EPA
“Policy Actions at National Level to Meet Challenges of the Road Ahead.”
4:00 pmDan Sperling, Director, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis
“Policy Instruments for Reducing Emissions from Vehicles, Fuels, and Driving: Lessons Learned from California”
4:30 pmGeorge Antos, Program Director, Catalysis and Bio-Catalysis, National Science Foundation
“Liquid Cellulosic Biofuels-The R&D Case for Renewable Gasoline Fuels: Overview of National Science Foundation Centers of Excellence and Needed Steps for Implementation.”
5:00 pmState Programs, Dick Gibbs, Moderator
5:05 pmPeter Iwanowicz, Deputy Secretary for the Environment, Office of Governor, State of New York
“Development and Implementation of a NYS 2050 Climate Action Plan for 80% Carbon Emission Reductions by Mid-Century.”
5:35 pmStroll the Endicott Grounds
6:00 pmReception
Piano by Professor John Arcaro, Berklee College of Music, Boston
7:00 pmDinner
Wednesday, August 25th
7:00 amBreakfast
8:00 amElectricity
Praveen Amar, Moderator
8:05 amKurt Yeager, President, Electric Power Research Institute (retired); Executive Director, Galvin Electricity Initiative
“Smart-Grid Benefit Opportunities and Issues.”
8:35 amTim Fagan, Director, Public Policy, PSEG
“Challenges for Transitioning the U.S. Electric Utility Industry to a Low-Carbon Generation Path.”
9:05 amSam Napolitano, Director, Clean Air Markets Division, U.S. EPA
“Rules Proposed to Replace the Clean Air Interstate Rules.”
9:35 amEllen Kurlansky, Policy Analyst, Office of Air and Radiation, U.S. EPA
“EPA’s Plans for Electric Utility Industry.”
10:05 amBreak
10:35 amTechnology: Development, Innovation, and Financing
Dick Gibbs, Moderator
10:40 amJohanna Wellington, Advanced Technologies Leader, General Electric
“Building a Sustainable Future: Technology Opportunities and the Role of Public-Private Partnerships to Bring Technologies to Market Success.”
11:20 amArun Majumdar, Director, Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), U.S. Department of Energy
“The Role of ARPA-E in Promoting Energy Innovation.”
11:50 amLunch
1:00 pmExternalities Associated with Energy Production and Use
Praveen Amar, Moderator
1:05 pmDan Greenbaum, President, Health Effects Institute
“Hidden Costs of Energy: Unpriced Consequences of Energy Production and Use (2010 National Academy of Sciences Report).”
1:35 pm

Energy Efficiency in Production and Use
Praveen Amar, NESCAUM

1:40 pmKen Ostrowski, Director, McKinsey & Company
“Unlocking Energy Efficiency in the U.S. Economy.”
2:10 pmRichard Newell, Administrator, US Energy Information Administration
“Energy Efficiency in EIA’s Energy Outlook Scenarios for the U.S.”
2:40 pmVickie Patton, Chief Counsel, Environmental Defense Fund
“Coordinating Air Quality and Energy Policies.”
3:10 pmBreak
3:25 pmFuture of Oil, Dick Gibbs, Moderator
3:30 pmGail Tverberg, Tverberg Actuarial Services, Inc.
“Policy Implications of Finite World Petroleum Resources.”
4:00 pmWrap-up and Adjourn
Policy Instruments for a New Economic Era: Energy, Environmental, and Climate Change Challenges

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