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Medium- and Heavy-Duty Zero-Emission Vehicles: Action Plan Development Process

Through a memorandum of understanding, 17 states, the District of Columbia, and the Canadian province of Quebec are working collaboratively to advance and accelerate the market for electric medium- and heavy-duty (MHD) vehicles, including large pickup trucks and vans, delivery trucks, box trucks, school and transit buses, and long-haul delivery trucks. The goal is to ensure that 100 percent of all new truck and bus sales are zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) by 2050, with an interim target of at least 30 percent by 2030.

To provide a framework for meeting these goals, the signatory jurisdictions are working through the Multi-State ZEV Task Force facilitated by NESCAUM to develop a MHD ZEV Action Plan. This page provides information about the process for developing the Action Plan and includes the following:



April 19, 2022 AnnouNcement

March 31, 2022 Statement

March 10, 2022 NESCAUM Request for Comments

September 22, 2021 Statement

July 14, 2020 Press Release


Key Documents

 March 29, 2022 Memorandum of Understanding

March 10, 2022 Draft Action Plan


Signatory Jurisdictions

The signatory jurisdictions are listed below. To access an individual jurisdiction’s MHD ZEV website, please click on the jurisdiction name. You will then be redirected to the corresponding website.

Medium- and Heavy-Duty Zero-Emission Vehicles: Action Plan Development Process

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