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Opportunities for Technology and Policy Innovation in Energy and Environment

MIT-NESCAUM Endicott House Symposium
August 16-18, 2011



Wednesday, August 17
8:00 am Welcome
Dick Gibbs, Research Affiliate, MIT
8:05 am Symposium Overview
Praveen Amar, Clean Air Task Force
8:15 am Keynote Address: Opportunities in Policy Innovation
Jason Grumet, President, Bipartisan Policy Center
9:00 am Keynote Address: The Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy: A New Paradigm in Transformational Energy Research
Eric Toone, Deputy Director, Technology, DOE ARPA-E
9:45 am Break
10:00 am The Future of Energy and Energy Innovation: A Diversity of Views
Moderator: Bob Sawyer, Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley
10:05 am Enabling a Clean Energy Future
Melanie Kenderdine, Executive Director, MIT Energy Initiative
10:35 am The Energy Innovation Imperative
Jesse Jenkins, Director, Energy and Climate Change, The Breakthrough Institute
11:05 am Business and the Transition to a Clean Energy Economy
David Levy, Director, Center for Sustainable Enterprise, University of Massachusetts
11:35 am The Outlook for Energy: A View to 2030
Tom Eizember, Manager, Corporate Strategic Planning, Exxon Mobil Corporation
12:05 pm Lunch
1:35 pm The Role of Energy Efficiency
Moderator: Praveen Amar
1:40 pm Jevons Effect and the Dilemma of Energy Efficiency
David Owen, Writer, The New Yorker
2:10 pm Opportunities for Energy Efficiency in the U.S. Economy
Nuri Demirdoven, Associate Principal, McKinsey & Company
2:40 pm Break
2:55 pm Transportation: Linking Policy, Regulations, and Technologies
Moderator: Dick Gibbs
3:00 pm How Smart Regulations Drive Vehicle Innovation
Anup Bandivadekar, Program Lead, International Council for Clean Transportation
3:30 pm Review of CO2 Mitigation Technologies from On-Road Transport
Tim Johnson, Director, Emerging Technologies and Regulations, Corning, Inc.
4:00 pm Plan NYC: Preparing NYC for a Sustainable Future
Steve Caputo, Jr., Policy Advisor, NYC Mayor's Office of Long-Range Planning and Sustainability
4:30 pm Smart-Grid: A Progress Report
Kurt Yeager, Executive Director, Galvin Electricity Initiative
5:00 pm Free time
5:30 pm Reception and Dinner
Thursday, August 18
8:00 am Energy and Environmental Initiatives at the State Level
Moderator: Praveen Amar
8:05 am California's Clean Energy Future: Where do We Go from Here?
Anthony Eggert, Deputy Secretary, California Environmental Protection Agency
8:35 am New York State Energy Innovation Efforts
Janet Joseph, Vice President, Technology and Strategic Planning, NYSERDA
9:05 am Environmental Impacts of Marcellus Shale Gas Development
Phil Johnson, Sr. Program Officer, Heinz Endowments
9:35 am Break and Check-out
10:05 amFuture Directions in the Electric Sector
Moderator: Susan Wierman, Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Management Association
10:10 am The Business of Making Technology Opportunities Work
Johanna Wellington, Advanced Technologies Leader, General Electric
10:40 am Future of Electricity Generation in the U.S.
Sue Tierney, Managing Partner, The Analysis Group
11:10 am Regulation / Technology Interface in the Electricity Sector
Michael Bradley, President, MJB and Associates
11:40 am Lunch
1:10 pm Innovation in Energy Storage
Moderator: Dick Gibbs
1:15 pm Flywheel Technology for Grid-Based Energy Storage and Frequency Regulation
Matt Lazarewicz, Chief Technology Officer, Beacon Power Corp.
1:45 pm Prospects for Battery Technology: Grid and Personal Vehicle Applications
Andy Chu, Vice President, A123 Systems
2:15 pm Break
2:25 pm Eyes on the Earth
Moderator: Dick Gibbs
2:30 pm The Ultimate Stakes: Climate Disruption and the Fate of Civilization
Dianne Dumanoski, Author: The End of the Long Summer
3:00 pm Wrap-Up Q/A and Discussion
Moderators: Praveen Amar and Dick Gibbs
Opportunities for Technology and Policy Innovation in Energy and Environment

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