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NESCAUM carries out cutting-edge scientific research, technology assessment, program development and demonstration initiatives on behalf of its member states. These ongoing research and assessment efforts are expressly designed to assist states in addressing emerging policy issues of regional interest. In turn, NESCAUM’s policy-related work informs the formulation of future NESCAUM research and analytical efforts. NESCAUM’s Policy Team leverages these efforts to develop policy frameworks and regional planning initiatives that drive the future direction of the Northeast states’ regulatory and non-regulatory agenda. Specifically, NESCAUM supports the Northeast states through the following activities:

  • Facilitating state discourse through standing committees, ad hoc workgroups, training programs, workshops, seminars, symposia, and meetings.
  • Participating in various forums for its member states to discuss and develop regional responses to a broad range of air quality issues. Through these forums member states interact and work collaboratively with state agencies, federal agencies, environmental organizations, the academic community, community organizations, and other stakeholders.
  • Identifying and addressing emerging program-specific concerns to which regional responses would be appropriate and effective, supporting states’ efforts by providing technical and policy research and guidance, and creating tools and programs to aid states in meeting their clean-air goals by providing technical assistance in modeling, pollution control technologies and strategies, and public health assessments.
  • Preparing reports on a wide-range of issues from assessing the technical feasibility and cost-effectiveness of alternative control options to compiling various pollutant inventories.

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