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AFS Universal Interface

The original Universal Interface (UI) was developed in 1997 to assist states with the batch transmission and data validation of states’ data to the EPA’s Aerometric Information Retrieval System (AIRS) Facility Subsystem (AFS) data system. In the past seven years, NESCAUM has managed four revisions to the UI. These upgrades included migration of the software to a web-based data application, increasing the functionality to allow for action linking data, two updates to maintain compatibility with EPA’s Minimum Data Requirements (MDRs), adding the capability to report permit and CEM data, and drafting XML foundation schemas for AFS data. NESCAUM continues to work with the States and EPA on UI issues. In September 2008, NESCAUM initiated another project to update the UI moving into the next generation of software performance. Below is a list of key UI items.

Contact Lisa Rector (lrector [at] for additional schema data.

AFS Universal Interface

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