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NESCAUM 2002 PAMS Assessment

Following on the NESCAUM/MARAMA regionwide network assessment of the PAMS program conducted by Sonoma Technology, Inc.(STI) in 2000, NESCAUM has conducted a follow-up assessment limited to the NESCAUM monitoring sites which has produced new data sets and yielded new information about the PAMS program and its effectiveness in the NESCAUM region.

This new assessment effort included a contract with STI to perform four tasks which are described in detail in the scope of work. These tasks included:

  1. the collection, organization and validation of data for 2000 and 2001 from NESCAUM PAMS sites;
  2. the production of a data summary report with discussion and appropriate graphics describing the data (see also Investigation of NOx by Year);
  3. a review of control program effectiveness in the NESCAUM region based on PAMS and other data sources (see also Trend Analysis for RFG); and
  4. a source apportionment of PAMS data from at least one site in the NESCAUM region.

The results of this project are presented here and are intended to serve data analysts in the NESCAUM region. The regional data repository developed under this and the previous project can serve as a resource for states who will be undertaking a mid-course review of their ozone attainment plans over the next several years. At the most recent NESCAUM directors meeting, it was decided that a coordinated regional review of the PAMS data for the purposes of mid-course review was a good idea. They are currently trying to identify funding to support such an initiative in addition to the continuation of the regional validation that these assessments have provided. Any questions or comments on the information here or on future PAMS activities at NESCAUM should be directed to John Graham.

NESCAUM 2002 PAMS Assessment

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