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PAMS Regional Data Repository

Data Files

For each site in each state, the data files for 1999 and earlier are linked to by file type. The links to 2000-2001 data will take you to an FTP site that has the files by file type.



District of Columbia





Massachusetts (continued)

New Hampshire

New Jersey

New York

North Carolina


Rhode Island


Description of files

  • AIRS: a zip archive containing the original AIRS files in AMP370 format obtained in Fall 2000.
  • VOCDat: a zip archive containing the validated VOCDat files.
  • Graphs: a zip archive containing Windows Metafile graph images produced using SYSTAT. Most of these graphs were reproduced in the summary report or final report.
  • Stats: a zip archive of all files pertaining to statistical analyses including SYSTAT format files, saved statistical output, and Excel files. Regarding the Excel files, some of the files mentioned below are grouped together, and some stand alone. The worksheets within these files show statistics for:
    • Concentration data for all hours (e.g., "STATSpamlma99" where STATS signifies output from SYSTAT, pam designates PAMS VOC data, lma = Lynn, MA, and 99 is the year).
    • Concentration data by hour (e.g., "STATShrpamlma99" where hr signified by hour)
    • Weight percent data for all hours (e.g., "STATSpamlma99w" where w signifies weight percent)
    • Weight percent data by hour (e.g., "STATShrpamlma99w")
    • Reactivity-weighted, weight percent data for all hours (e.g., "STATSPamlma99wmir" where wmir signifies weight percent * maximum incremental reactivity [MIR] factor
    • Reactivity-weighted, weight percent data by hour (e.g., "STATShrpamlma99wmir")
    • Maximum ozone concentration by day (e.g., "STATSo3maxpamlma99")
    • Pearson correlation matrix (pairwise matching) (e.g., "CORRpamlma99" where CORR signifies SYSTAT correlation matrix output).
    • Concentration data by year (e.g., "lmaSTATSbyyear").
    • Concentration data on days with maximum ozone concentrations >= 100 ppb (e.g., "lmaSTATSepi99")
    • Comparison of composition to typical ranges using AMDAS (e.g., "lmaranges.txt" or "lmacomparison.txt")
  • Stats Summary: an Excel file summarizing the statistics.
  • Import: a zip archive containing the files produced by VOCDat software for importing to SYSTAT statistical software. The text files are tab-delimited. Column headers include DOW = day of week with 1 = Monday and 7 = Sunday; WDWE = weekday/weekend with Monday through Friday = 1 and Saturday and Sunday = 2; QC = quality control flags for the record; QCS = "worst" quality control flag for an individual species in the sample, record QC not necessarily changed; and missing data are signified by a ".". These files may also be useful for importing data to other software packages.
  • Toxics: a zip archive containing the 24-hr average data available at the PAMS site in VOCDat format. Note taht some units are incorrect in these files--please refer to the units code in the original AIRS files for correct units (some species are ppb, not ppbC as shown in VOCDat).
  • AutoQC: a zip archive containing results from the application of VOCDat screening criteria.
  • SYSTAT Commands: a zip archive containing program language used by SYSTAT to generate figures and statistical analyses in batch mode.
  • VOCDat backup: a zip archive containing VOCDat files saved prior to data validation


  • VOCDAT (Run the VOCDat v2.20 setup program, then copy the new executable v2.22 over the old one)
  • WinZip (for opening zip archives--shareware)

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