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Truck Stop Electrification Mapping Exercise

In October, 2002, the NESCAUM Truck Stop Electrification (TSE) Workgroup was assembled to begin exploring ways to expedite TSE implementation along the I-95 corridor. The interactive TSE mapping exercise is an outgrowth of the Work Group and a subset of a larger NESCAUM effort supported by the U.S. EPA under a Clean Air Transportation Communities grant to study TSE at two locations in New York State. NESCAUM's work product presented on this web site is formed of two components, a series of interactive maps and a downloadable evaluation matrix. In all, the exercise maps and evaluates nearly 200 commercial truck stop and rest area locations along the one-thousand mile plus I-95 corridor from Florida to Maine. The effort is one way to begin targeting locations and prioritizing the allocation of resources for TSE infrastructure by characterizing the air quality and public health benefits associated with implementing such a program along the I-95 interstate corridor system.

Truck Stop Electrification Mapping Exercise

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