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The truck stop evaluation matrix, in essence, is a logic exercise contained in database form that utilizes existing environmental, demographic, and economic data to identify, analyze, and rank truck stop locations according to a set of prescribed evaluation criteria. The matrix is structured in a manner that allows the user to manipulate and sort any of the criteria-specific or ranking and ordering categories, such as TS Parking Capacity, State Rank, or US Rank.

Two versions of the matrix are provided: a simplified truck stop database version that contains only the criteria definitions and summary matrix information, and a full truck stop database version (password protected*) that contains the evaluation criteria definitions, summary matrix information, and each of the supporting criterion worksheets or “data bins” used to perform the criterion-specific analysis, coding, and scoring each truck stop location. A utility provider database, containing county-by-county information for all of the electric utilities known to provide service along the I-95 corridor, is also available for download.

*Please send all password requests to, and indicate "Password Request for TSE DB" in your subject heading.


December 18, 2003
December 18, 2003
September 15, 2003

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