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Interactive Maps

The interactive map series plots Truck Stop (TS) locations along I-95 against background ozone attainment levels, population density figures, and includes for reference county utility service provider information. Two series of interactive maps are provided. The first series plots truck stop data against existing one hr ozone attainment status/classifications, while the second utilizes designations established for the 2004 eight hour standard. Evaluation data for each TS location is mouse-activated. Simply click on any of the TS location symbols to open a pop up window containing performance information for that location retrieved from the TS evaluation matrix database. The non-interactive series, designed for locations in either marginal ozone non-attainment or maintenance, is not linked to the TS evaluation matrix database. Evaluation data for these locations can be found in the database section of the web site. Finally, utility provider information is also available to the user in pop up window format. Click on any of the county names highlighted on the interactive maps to retrieve this data.

1-hr Ozone Series

8-hr Ozone Series

Interactive Maps

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