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Training / Clean Air Academy

NESCAUM’s Clean Air Academy is a federally-funded program providing air pollution training for staff in our member state air quality agencies. Courses are provided through EPA’s Air Pollution Training Institute (APTI) and the National Air Compliance Training program (NACT).

Please see the training schedule below for upcoming NESCAUM trainings. Agency staff may register for any of these courses on APTI Learn. For more information, please contact NESCAUM’s Training Coordinator, Kara Murphy, at

Training Schedule

DateTraining CourseLocation
25-29 APTI 423 - Air Pollution Dispersion Models-AERMODWebinar
23-26CMAQ Modeling TrainingWebinar
MARCH 2021
22Mobile Sources 101 - Session 1Webinar
29Mobile Sources 101 - Session 2Webinar
APRIL 2021
5Mobile Sources 101 - Session 3Webinar
6NACT 231 - Automotive, Metal Parts and Products CoatingWebinar
7NACT 233 - Solvent Cleaning: Degreasing OperationsWebinar
8NACT 261 - Polyester Resins and FiberglassWebinar
12Mobile Sources 101 - Session 4Webinar
19Mobile Sources 101 - Session 5Webinar
MAY 2021
18-19PAMS Training - Week 1Webinar
25-26PAMS Training - Week 2Webinar
25NACT 273 - Industrial BoilersWebinar
26NACT 284 - Volatile Organic Compound Control DevicesWebinar
JUNE 2021
15-17Effective Permit WritingWebinar
TBDNACT 245 - Cement PlantsWebinar
TBDNACT 299 - Control DevicesWebinar
TBDNACT 287 - Dry CleaningWebinar
TBDAPTI 470 - Quality Assurance for Air Pollution Measurement SystemWebinar
TBDInfrared Imaging TrainingWebinar
TBDSMOKE Modeling TrainingWebinar
TBDRisk Communication In-persion (Follow-up to Virtual Training)TBD
TBDIntro to AERMODTrenton, NJ
TBDBasic Inspector TrainingWebinar

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Training / Clean Air Academy

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